Comprehensive Steel Forging Capabilities & Value-Added Services

Meeting today’s tough demands for quality, cost efficiency and on-time delivery, Walker Forge is one of the top companies in the country making carbon alloy steel forgings from a few ounces to 75 lbs.

But our expertise and technology runs much deeper and broader than forging. We’ve built a culture that jumps at every opportunity to apply technologies and add services in ways that:

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We act as a complete partner to customers, shortening lead times, reducing transportation costs and carbon footprint and generally helping you be more competitive.

Secondary Machining

Precision Machining

Take steps out of your supply chain with our proven, precise, CNC-driven services. MORE

Forging Die Design / Build

Forging Die Design / Build

Get faster turnarounds and reliable quality with full in-house manufacturing. MORE

Forging Versatility

Closed-Die Forging

Presses from 850 to 4,000 tons. Parts from a few ounces to over 75 lbs. with annual volumes ranging from a few thousand to 750,000 parts per year. MORE



Optimize part quality through forging process simulation. MORE

Heat Treating

Heat Treating

Save time and money and get your part finished right with a wide array of in-house capabilities. MORE

Metallurgical Lab

Metallurgical Lab

Analyze materials and validate your crucial part specifications through our ISO 17025 accredited lab. MORE

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Closed-die forging, comprehensive value-added services and a tireless commitment to helping you compete.

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